Fonts not validating

18-Dec-2017 16:22

If you don’t know if a font is PUA encoded, check with the designer or seller first.

may understand as a developer, but that your user may not.

There is a sample file here: Dependent Drop Down from Sorted List When you click the arrow to open a drop down list, the selection might go to a blank at the bottom of the list, instead of the first item in the list.

To download the sample file, click here: Remove Blanks With Dynamic Range Sample File Why does this happen, and how can you prevent it?

A lot of fonts come with those nice curly lines and variations of letters and numbers (if you want to learn more about how these different variations are called, check out our glossary).If the list is the source for a Data Validation dropdown, use a dynamic formula to name the range, and the dropdown list will be automatically updated.