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If you follow the ten steps below, you can ensure that your first anal sex experience is pleasurable rather than painful. It goes without saying that if you’re sexually stimulating an area that’s usually devoted to elimination, you need to ensure that it’s squeaky clean.Have a relaxing bath or shower beforehand and thoroughly clean the area.Gently stretch her anus by pushing outward on her anal ring, as if it was the center of a clock face, pressing out towards 1, 2, 3 o’clock, etc.Once she has learned to enjoy the insertion of a single finger, try inserting a second.Analingus (oral-anal contact) is another great way to “warm-up” the anus and can be very pleasurable in and of itself.Run your tongue over the anus, licking it in soft, wet strokes, or circle it, running your tongue around the edge of it slowly and delicately.

describes several anal sex positions, and tells you which ones are best for beginners and why. When you’re ready for penetration, take one or both of your hands and use your fingers to pull your butt cheeks gently apart.While orgasm may occur purely from the anal sex, this added stimulation will lead to a more intense sexual experience. Immediately following climax, she may become extremely sensitive to penetration.Thrusting or pulling out should be done very gently after orgasm.Flick the tip of your tongue rapidly over the opening, or try inserting your tongue as far as it will go pushing and stroking it back and forth.

Try brushing your lips over the spot or sucking hard on the anus. Since the anal region is not self-lubricating, anal lubricants are extremely helpful for making penetration more comfortable and pleasurable. The sphincter muscles around the anus will not allow things to pass through easily unless you start small and take it slowly.If you’re self-conscious about your lover seeing your anus in full for the first time, why not gently shave or wax the skin between your butt cheeks?