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If you have had very little alcohol to drink, have had nothing to drink and/or have not been doing drugs voluntarily these effects are frightening but it is also clear that you have been drugged.It can be harder to identify that you have been drugged if you have had lots of alcohol to drink or have been doing other drugs.

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Because the drug knocks you out without really allowing your brain to rest it has a hang over effect.

Most date rape drugs are completely gone within the first 72 hours of ingestion although some can stay in a while longer.

GHB, a common homemade date rape drug is usually gone in 48 hours or less.

Not one of them feared or felt that they would ever be at risk for anything let alone the mind and body numbing experience of being slipped a date rape drug.

Meet the three girls we spoke with: Jada, unassumingly pretty, athletic, and talkative with a wicked sarcastic sense of humor; Krista, again very pretty, also very quiet and very gentle with her mannerisms and movements; Lori, tall, strong looking and fierce when she speaks, this is not a girl you would normally want to mess with.Date rapists who use drugs rarely spend time with their victim before they slip the drug.

Earlier that year, she was featured on Ariana Grande's song "Leave Me Lonely" from her third studio album Dangerous Woman.… continue reading »

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