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A kilogram of naga jolokia pepper is extracted, ground and pressed.This is mixed with ground garlic and shrimp paste, then cooked with vegetable oil.For very young children, sambal tomat sometimes use very little or no chili at all, it is regarded as one of the first steps in introducing children to the taste of Indonesian sambal. It may be mixed with other ingredients to produce dishes such as sambal kangkong, sambal cumi (squid) and sambal telur (egg).a specialty sambal from Surabaya. It used simple ingredients, such as chili pepper, shallot, garlic, asam jawa (tamarind) and coconut oil.Chili fried with belacan shrimp paste, onions, garlic, tamarind juice. People of Surabaya often called it Njaluk Sambal, as they eat it with fragrant steamed white rice.However, some households and restaurants insist on making freshly-prepared sambal just a few moments prior to consuming in order to ensure its freshness and flavor; this is known as sambal dadak (lit. Nevertheless, in most warung and restaurants, most sambal is prepared daily in bulk and offered as a hot and spicy condiment.Today some brands of prepared, prepacked, instant, or ready-to-use sambal are available in warung, traditional markets, supermarkets and convenience stores.Dabu-dabu comes close to the Mexican salsa sauce, it is of Manado's origin. The chili and the tempoyak may be readily mixed or served separately, to cater the individual preference in ratio of chili to tempoyak to determine the scale of hotness.

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Several brands produce bottled sambals, among others are Huy Fong Foods' sambal oelek,a sambal recipe specialty of Cibiuk village, Garut Regency, West Java.

It can be made into a whole different dish by adding other ingredients, such as sambal goreng ati (mixed with diced liver) or sambal goreng udang (added with small shrimp). The overall flavor is sweet, with mild hints of spices and chili.

A mixture of chilli with garlic, shallot, sugar, salt, crushed fried peanuts, and water.

Originally, limau kesturi or calamansi lime, is used but since this is scarce outside of Southeast Asia, normal lime is used as a replacement. Sometimes, sweet sour mangoes or equivalent local fruits are also used.

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It can be eaten with cucumbers or ulam (leafy herbs) in a meal of rice and other dishes.

It consist of coarsely chopped and ground green bird's eye chili, green raw tomato, shallot, galangal, lemon basil, shrimp paste and salt.